To create these video clips I have filmed a kriyaban friend -- the format of the videos is wmv

[01] Partial Talabya Kriya -- only the first movement at a reduced speed, just to convey the idea of the correct way of keeping the tongue.

[02] Complete Talabya Kriya

[03] The tongue achieves the position of Kechari Mudra. The mouth is open only to let you see how the tip of the tongue enters the nasal pharynx.

[04] Navi Kriya: here you can see the movement of the thumbs

[05] Navi Kriya: variation n.2 In order to reduce the weight of this file, only the first three movements are executed. Then the head bends to the right, then forward etc.

[06] Maha Mudra: only the first movement

[07] Variation of Maha Mudra

[08] The forward bendings. Simplification of Maha Mudra

Animation for Kriya Pranayam: Part1    Part2    Part3

[09] Elementary form of Thokar. Usually it is done at a reduced speed.

[10] Advanced form of Thokar. To diminish the weight of this file, only three sets of movements are performed

[11] Thokar Tribhangamurari (second part: Samantrak)

[12] Thokar Tribhangamurari proper -- usually it is done at a reduced speed

Animation for Micro movement


[01]    [02]    [03]    [04]    [05]    [06]    [07]

[08]    [09]    [10]    [11]    [12]

Note. Many ask a demonstration of Ujjayi Pranayama also. Here Ujjayi is very well explained: