The techniques described herein are meant for study purposes only and serve as a comparison with the works of other researchers. I wish to make clear that the book and video clips do not form a part of a Kriya manual! Certain techniques cannot simply be learned from a manual. There are delicate techniques such as Maha Mudra, Pranayama, Thokar and Yoni Mudra, which cannot be learned correctly without the help of an expert who needs to check their proper execution.

When you go to an expert, please advise him if you have any physical problems -- such as high blood pressure, lung problems, or signs of hyperventilation etc. If you have a particular physical problem, an expert can lead you through a very mild form of Pranayama and the corresponding Mudras and if necessary may recommend that you practice them only mentally.

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Kriya Yoga - Synthesis of a personal experience by Ennio Nimis

New 2021 edition
In January 2019 I had a serious problem of health. After recovering I left completely the work of ameliorating my book, instead I devoted myself completely to meditation. Some days ago I decided to read again this book. I immediately felt the unavoidable urgency of giving to some parts of the Higher Kriyas a new order. No technique was removed or changed. Those who have printed the previous edition will not need to print a new one.

First part: Chapters 1- 5

Second part:  Chapters 6 - 9

Third part: Chapter 10 - 11 - 12

Fourth part: Chapters 13 - 16 and Appendix